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Water Jet Cutting

BLUEWATER RUBBER & GASKET is proud to announce the arrival of our new waterjet material cutting system.  Waterjet cutting is an innovative and relatively new technology that allows for precise yet inexpensive cutting of a wide range of materials.  The waterjet cutting action takes place as a result of the ultra-high pressure water being forced through a pre-mounted orifice as small as .003 in (.076mm).  The pressurized water exits the orifice at extremely high velocities (60,000 psi) as a coherent waterjet stream that produces a clean cut.

This process allows for parts to be tightly nested thus maximizing material usage.  

Virtually every stock material in our warehouse can be fabricated by the waterjet.  This list includes, but is not limited to: 

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-Rubber up to 2" Thick

-Neoprene                   -Gum Rubber
-Nitrile (Buna-N)           -SBR
-EPDM                       -Cloth Inserted
-Silicone                     -Sponge
-Viton                         -Cork

-Fibrous Sheet

-Non-asbestos material                  
-Vegetable Fiber     
-Coated Vermiculite

-Plastic Products

-Teflon                   -UHMW
-PVC                     -Plexi-Glass
-Foam                   -Acrylic


-Extremely Accurate Cuts of Complex Parts                  
-Efficiency / Maximizes Yield     
-High Degree of Repeatability
-Overcomes Compression Distortions from Conventional Die Cutting
-Quick Prototypes

Bluewater's Water Jet In Action